14 – Voice over WLAN; Can You Hear Me Now?


One of the most difficult scenarios in Wi-Fi is delivering consistent voice quality to mobile targets. For years Voice over Wireless LAN (VoWLAN) has been considered unproven drawing skepticism at every turn. In the early days, VoWLAN was a nascent technology running on single mode devices, on separate SSIDs, and in niche verticals like healthcare.

Today’s Wireless LAN capabilities have matured to the point where we can implement real-time communications that run flawlessly. It’s a good thing too. As we propelled beyond those early days we now support a plethora of smartphones, tablets and laptops equipped with a variety of voice and real-time applications.

Join our next episode as we speak with VoWLAN expert and author, Jon Linton of Henry Ford Health System. Jon will share his experiences and best practices for success. Don’t miss his foundational lessons if you are planning to implement voice and real-time applications over Wireless LAN.

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When: Friday, February 20th at 12pm EST, 9am PST Friday
Where: www.ontheflywifi.net

Jon Linton – Senior Wireless Architect at Henry Ford Health System
Author of @wifisamuri

Mike Leibovitz
Twitter: @MikeLeibovitz

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