12 – Securing the Internet of Things (Part 2)


On the last episode of On The Fly Wi-Fi we chatted with CEO of Divergent Dynamics, and noted Wi-Fi expert, Devin Akin. We introduced a number of concepts, ideas and theories related to our evolving world with the Internet of Things (IoT). At the conclusion of Episode 11 we realized that we had only begun to scratch the surface and had much more to discuss.

We are excited to announce Episode 12, Securing the IoT Part 2, to deepen our discussion and further our understanding. This time we’ll continue with a focus on security, but will introduce topics around frequency use, design methodologies, onboarding services, location services, and analytics. Join our chat with Devin Akin as we dig into the Internet of Things phenomenon a second time.

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Devin Akin – CEO and Founder at Divergent Dynamics Inc.
Twitter: @DevinAkin

Mike Leibovitz
Twitter: @MikeLeibovitz

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