11 – Securing the Internet of Things (Part 1)


You might not hear it, but the Internet of Things (IoT) is knocking at your door. Things such as wearables, sensors, TVs, and security devices will soon encroach airspace that’s normally occupied by tablets, smartphones and laptops. The sheer number of incremental Wi-Fi enabled devices set to arrive should compel designs and requirements now.

As we’ve often seen in the networking world functionality comes at price. All too often security is the first thing sacrificed in spite of us knowing better. The IoT is destined to force choice of functionality over security and we need to open our eyes to the looming threat it poses.

Join our chat with the CEO of Divergent Dynamics, Devin Akin, as we dig into the Internet of Things phenomenon while paying attention to the security elements that must be considered.

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When: Friday, November 14th at 12pm EST, 9am PST
Where: www.ontheflywifi.net

Devin Akin – CEO and Founder at Divergent Dynamics Inc.
Twitter: @DevinAkin

Mike Leibovitz
Twitter: @MikeLeibovitz

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